Direction, set and lights design: Fabio Cherstich

Production: Fondazione Ambrosetti – Clonerie – Scuola d’Arte Drammatica P. Grassi – Valelapena – Scalodieci

with: Lara Guidetti Achille, Matteo Graziano

choreography: Lara Guidetti

dramaturg: Sarah Chiarcos

organization: Valentina Falorni, Nadia Fauzia, Marisa Villa

Penthesilea and Achilles.
A warrior queen and a hero meet on a battle ground.

A man and woman fall in love.

Two bodies filled with desire. Two roles clashing.

With bursting senses and folly Penthesilea bites the Greek hero to death.

Penthesilea, modern for her instability, ambiguous for the mixed presence of love and hate, male and female, instinct and sentiment, sadism and masochism, imagination and action. A woman configured as a sexual and cultural transgressor violating the rules and bans which govern the order of existence and death.

The project elaborates the final scene of the 1800s work Penthesilea by H. V. Kleist, German drammaturg who represents the queen of Amazons (:women without breasts) in a personal re-elaboration of the myth. No longer a heroin wounded to death by Achilles who, seeing her die, falls in love with her, but a warrior who, even if in love with the Greek hero, devours him in a frenzy of rights of passion.   

“…An error, then, I see…when you love straight from the heart the greedy mouth so easily mistakes one for the other. Well, my darling, that was not my way. You see: when I wound my arms around your neck I did exactly that, devour you. I wasn’t such a mad one as might seem…”
H. V. Kleist