Loosely based to the novel “La Vedova Scalza” by Salvatore Niffoi

An idea of  Vincenza Pastore, Giulia Abbate and Fabio Cherstich

Direction: Fabio Cherstich and Giulia Abbate

with: Vincenza Pastore, Andrea Pinna, Filippo Farina, Alessio Calzolari, Mauro Santopietro

Set design and costume design: Maria Porro

Chants: Claudia Grimaz

Why start from the Vedova scalza?

We were touched by Mintonia, the main character. Her condition as other in a land that does not admit diversity: Sardinia during the second World War. Mintoia, different from her family; different from the illiterate daughters of farmers; different from the town women, opinionless, oppressed by their husbands, fathers and by the ruling fascism. We were moved by Mintoia’s love for her motherland, her love for freedom, an unbound, stubborn, painful, pure love for her man, Micheddu. We were moved by the love story at the heart of the novel: two young lovers who, regardless of the family’s and town’s opposition, refuse to bow to external pressure but gain strength in their being precociously, unknowingly revolutionary. In subverting the reality perpetrated by the fascist regime an ordinary woman almost enacts a vengeance to bring back order and dignity to a humanity she believes in. The first study of the “project Vedova scalza” won the first prize in the “Giovani Realtà del Teatro” awards organized by the “Nico Pepe” academy in Udine in 2008.


Jury’s motivation:

…Visionary, sacramental, original and very felt. A brave and well-structured dramaturgy taken from literature. A knowing use of the stage, lights and mise-en-space in addition to the text. Unsettling and rich in a style already personal and structured.

Effective in the development, the staging and resulting show. The originality of the script blends with an intelligent use of space and an undeniable expressive force.