Don Giovanni Opera-camion

     Don Giovanni – Opera camion

Opera reduction in one act from Don Giovanni di W.A. Mozart
Concept and direction: Fabio Cherstich 
Set design, video and costume designs: Gianluigi Toccafondo
Production: Teatro dell’opera di Roma
Don Giovanni – OperaCamion on New York Times:


It’s been one year since the first edition of Figaro! OperaCamion and the opera journey around squares keeps on with another music and literature superstar: Don Giovanni.
The most known and performed Mozart’s composition gets out of theater – in its new form of OperaCamion – and it discloses itself to the audience in an ad hoc adapted form, ready to be all the rage in the cities with its company of singers, musicians, actors and technicians, all living in a playground camion: the main character’s never never land.
The main objective is to return the Opera show to a vast and heterogeneous audience and on the second hand to return an essence of the explosive strength owned by this charming character – Don Giovanni – in which story we can find comic and tragic elements, superhuman tension all mixed together, from a drama metaphysic to comic and exciting situations.
There’s a four-hand creation this year too: Gianluigi Toccafondo signs the project visual part. We imagined a Don Giovanni in an OperaCamion version, undisciplined and Rock’n’roll, a sequence of tableaus and scenes full of action, disguise and deception. A story with a no escape plot. 
As like a noir movie, the main character will always be escaping, from the Overture to the last notes of the ending concertato. Helped by the loyal servant Leporello, Don Giovanni will go along with the public through his life, an hilarious muddle made of challenges, many conquests and recurring abandonments.
A multitude of bizarre figures will stay on the stage: Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Zerlina, Masetto, Don Ottavio and a mysterious and versatile Commendatore.
The voices of an international cast of young singers will vibrate on the notes of the Rome Opera Youth Orchestra.  Ours Don Giovanni – OperaCamion is ready to win the squares audience over with its vitality.
Fabio Cherstich.
Video curated by Gianluigi Toccafondo
Interview with Fabio Cherstich
Trailer of Don Giovanni – Opera Camion