terrore e miseria

         Terrore e miseria del terzo reich


by Bertold Brecht

Direction, light design and scenic space by Fabio Cherstich

Editing audio: Francesco Sileo

Production: Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan

with Edoardo Barbone, Francesco Benanti Vitale, Lorenzo Capineri, Elena D’Agnolo, Davide Damiani, Simone Debenedetti, Jacopo De Chirico, Elisa Fumagalli, Michela Maridati, Claudia Ludovica Marino, Maria Beatrice Moia, Altea Onofri, Paolo Panizza, Marta Ponti, Livio Remuzzi, Iacopo Ricciotti, Maria Grazia Scambia
con la partecipazione straordinaria di Annina Pedrini

Show realised by Accademia di Formazione per Attori of Centro Teatro Attivo 
in collaboration with Laboratorio sui Mestieri del Teatro of IULM University and CTA

A fast paced editing of images, scenes and situations to account that state of terror and suspicion depicting life in Germany during the Third Reich. A knowing gaze pondering a humanity hit and offended in its most elementary human rights, a warning on “what should never happen again”: fragments and short-circuits for the spectator to elaborate freely, questioning the shocking topicality of terror and misery that to this day lurch over society. The young actors of the Centro Teatro Attivo are called to face for the first time a text that will force them to deep dive in theatre techniques demanding mind and guts, feelings and rationality. Silent and choreographic images capable of embodying not only the literary but also the metaphorical and universal sides of Brecht’s work.
Video a cura di Edmondo Annoni, Elena Busco, Martina Civardi, Francesco Sileo