Staging Glasses


Milano Fashion Week September

Confindustria – Milano XL 2018
Art direction and concept: Fabio Cherstich
Video: Mammafotogramma
Production: Milano XL – Studio Stoppini

The starting point for the video dedicated to the Anfao association and to the annual fair Anfao organizes, Mido, is the Museo dell’occhiale (Museum of glasses) located in Pieve di Cadore (Veneto region). Spectators are invited to a ballet of animated objects coming from the museum, intercut with ad-hoc filmed micro piece, ironic and surreal. A caleidoscopic form of storytelling put together using different techniques of filming and editing created by the Milanese video artists’ collective called Mammafoto- gramma.The result is a syncopated editing of photographic materials and illustration, pop-like in taste and accompanied by Raymond Scott’s electronic music.This video is intended to be a theatrical and immediate game, funny and poetic at the same time, a celebration of a cult object of our times.