Women’s fashion week 2018 – Riva di Via Savona – Milano
Designer: Arthur Arbesser
Art direction, set design and performance:  Fabio Cherstich
Production: Fausto Poli

The project stages the new Fay collection by Arthur Arbesser in an interactive and surreal production.
The set is designed as a place of transit, a hybrid between a subway station, a town square and an airport in which time, emptied of noise and confusion, expands. The colours and patterns of the collection repeat in the set design so as to create a game of collocations immediately grasped by the spectator. The structure of the location recalls metaphysical compositions and contemporary art but with a visionary component true of amusement parks.Structured like a long performance, the audience witnesses a succession of paradoxical situations. The models’ repeated actions allow the audience to be part of the performance and document it using photos and film.
The spectators may, in some points, actually enter the set and interact. Shapes and colours, sounds and actions have the declared intention of engaging the audience through objects and architectures that use and amplify the key elements of the collection.