an artistic and sport event dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini

direction: Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Fabio Cherstich e Roberto Rustioni

curated by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti

texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini, curated by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Roberto Rustioni, Gabriele Dino Albanese

A site-specific creation, an artistic-poetic event with divers contributors: actors, football players, kids, seniors, artists and local football fans. The event is a match contended by two junior teams from two neighbouring towns or districts, a regular match with an actual audience but with a number of “staged” on-field and on-bleachers inserts which dramatize the sport event. It is at once a football match and a great choral show dedicated to Pasolini. Timed interruptions, like field or bleacher incidents, players down, brawls between players or in the audience, between the relatives or fans of the teams, field invasions, disputes, chorus lines, music, transform competition into a great fresco on communities and the struggle for existence. Each challenge becomes a poetic moment.