theatrical pastiche based on Kvetch by S. Berkoff 

Direction, set design, light design and audio composition: Fabio Cherstich

choreography: Cristina Sforzini

Director’s assistants: Laura Favalessa, Davide Pirovano, Chiara Valtellina

with: Angelica Ambrosino, Sara Baldassarre, Marco Campolunghi, Valerio Caffa, Simone Debenedetti, Anna Ferri, Claudia Giacosa, Jonathan Lionetti, Nikolas Lucchini,Laura Manzoni, Federico Novello, Miriam Oufatah, Melissa Roberto, Francesca Santamaria Amato, Alessandro Sitta, Carlotta Tosini, Sibilla Varlonga

Fears and anxieties turn us into slaves, unaware of our actions, feeding our inner devil, our obscenity, that masters us like puppets. Incapable of reacting we merely oppress our desires. No one is aware, no one fully understands which road to take: how we feel or what society expects from us. Explicit behaviour, what others around us perceive, what we call truthful, a truth that in piangistei does not coincide with the ideas stirring in the characters’ souls. What would happen if all our intimate thoughts, soaked with anxieties and guilt, crossed the threshold of our mind? Steven Berkoff’s work develops around this concept and it is here that our study takes inspiration and direction, the staging of a dynamic and surreal vision of contemporary life. The characters of the original pièce multiply and the seventeen aspiring young actors from the Centro Teatro Attivo face a multitude of characters and situations in which the opposition between what is said and what is thought can’t hold much longer. The result will be a short circuit capable of lifting the masks responsible for our falseness and inability to communicate. The body along with the voice becomes a key element of interpretation, thanks to the choreographies by Cristina Sforzini, that decipher and shed light on the undefined shape of insight. To put it like Steven Berkoff, this whining of the soul is dedicated to the frightened.