paesaggio di una battaglia

            Paesaggio di una battaglia


Concept and direction: Fabio Cherstich

Gregory Carnoli – Herve Guerrisi (BE)
Chiara Favero (IT)
Joelle Franco (BE)
Francois Kah (F)
Valeria Battaini (IT)
Luca Di Martino (IT)
Antoine Plaisant (F)

Dramaturgy: Giulia Abbate

Movements: Giulia Abbate – Fabio Cherstich

Sound, lights, video: Igor Renzetti

Costumes: Maria Porro

Technical collaboration: Irene Maccagnani
Production: Container Milano, Fattore k – Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Schloss Breollin (De) in collaboration with PIM OFF Milano and STUK Art Center Leuven ( BE)


We imagined paradise on earth as a place inhabited by an evolved, behaved and well-dressed humanity. Overturned by Lucifer with his exuberant, liberating and naked presence. This fragile community, incapable of original thought, pours on this figure intimate fears, shame and expectations. A man and a woman meet, undress, identify. From their union the birth of Cain. Lucifer: “I am Cain, your brother”. The first murder witnessed by a consenting community: Cain’s progeny.

Fabio Cherstich and Giulia Abbate