niente di più al mondo

         Niente più niente al mondo


by Massimo Carlotto

direction and set design: Fabio Cherstich

with Annina Pedrini

and Marina Occhionero

lights design: Gigi Saccomandi

costumes design: Sarah Grittini

Production: Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan

Niente più niente al mondo by Massimo Carlotto is a piercing, relentless story, a first-person account of a mother who just killed her daughter. Like a hallucination, her story and her family’s unfold as she strings the beads of sums, prices, brands, promotions, TV shows: her entire “cultural” universe in which spiritual and economic misery goes hand in hand. A lost life, an ordinary life. A denouncement which could seem anachronistic to those embracing the hypocrisy of a country, Italy, voted to affluence. But these lives still exist and the real mystery to unravel is if these individuals are really the only ones responsible for the crimes they commit.