by Fabio Banfo
direction and set design: Fabio Cherstich

with Silvia Giulia Mendola, Alberto Onofrietti, Cinzia Spanò
and Corrado Accordino

Original live score by Barbara Cavaleri

Costumes design: Sarah Grittini

photoinstallation: Fabio Artese

A special thanks to Lara Guidetti for the coreoghraphy

Production: Teatro Franco Parenti / LA DANZA IMMOBILE


A dark, cynical and desperate comedy, a mirror of current times. Four characters drift chasing more or less impossible dreams. On one hand the ideal of love, terrible, morbid, unescapable like death, and on the other the dream of a normal life, a family, a home which for generations of men and women represented the only safe port in life and that today seems lost over the horizon of desire and possibility for a youth without new recognised forms of social co-existence if not adaptation and mere contingency. This new phase of Silvia Giulia Mendola’s residence at Franco Parenti marks the encounter of the company with Fabio Cherstich’s visual language in the spirit of reciprocal contamination.