Jakob Von Gunten

Jakob Von Gunten


by Robert Walser

Direction and dramaturgy: Fabio Condemi

Visual concept, set and costumes design: Fabio Cherstich

with Gabriele Portoghese, Xhulio Petushi, Lavinia Carpentier

Production: Fattore K,  Accademia d’arte drammatica Silvio D’Amico di Roma
in collaboration with AMAT and Venice Biennale of theatre.

The first study of Jakob Von Gunten received special mention from Venice Biennale of theatre in 2017 – Biennale college project


The action of this novel-diary written in 1909 unfolds inside an educational institute in which young men learn to serve, the Benjamenta Institute, a symbolic place of torture and happiness, ambiguous and fantastic: these students, and among them Jakob Von Gunten, learn inverted manners, a blind obedience building to a dissociative identity, to the pleasure of self-annihilation. The drama develops weaving non-narrative combinations of events, words and images taken from the novel Jakob Von Gunten and accounts from Robert Walser’s biography.