Horizontal freedom

Horizontal freedom   2017

Fuorisalone Design week 2017 – Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan
Art director: Patricia Urquiola
Theatre performance directed by Fabio Cherstich
Dramaturgy: Vincenzo Latronico 
Production: PS Milano x Cassina
Performers: Benedetta Barzini, Julien Lambert, Agostino Tanzini, Moises Moricoli, Paolo Panizza, Alberto Malanchino, Cecilie Andersen, Francesca Santamaria, Flora Orciari 
Sound: Francesco Sileo


Horizontal Freedom revisits the revolutionary utopia behind Mario Bellini’s Kar-a-sutra, the project for a car freed from the limitations imposed by its functional and structural boundaries, open to any interpretation and life form: a house, a camping site, a pianobar: an image of freedom.

Horizontal Freedom takes place in a house from the future, or from an alternative present, in which the Kar-a-sutra prototype has actually entered production, transforming the ways individuals live together and form communities. This transformation is embodied by Konstantin Grcic’s green sofas, a homage to Bellini’s project. Their presence turns the library at the Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli into a hybrid, liquid space: where people work from their beds, sleep on a sofa, drink and do yoga while a party erupts all around.

Structured as a surreal party celebrating the Kar-a-sutra’s ideal first trip, Horizontal Freedom welcomes the public by blurring all distinctions between viewers and performers, inside and outside: a diverse, inclusive community inspired by the future envisioned in This Will Be The Place published by Rizzoli New York per Cassina.