Cabaret tragico opera panica



by Alejandro Jodorowsky

direction and set design: Fabio Cherstich
translation: Antonio Bertoli

costumes design: Gianluca Sbicca

with Valentina Picello, Loris Fabiani
Matthieu Pastore, Francesco Sferrazza Papa,
and with DUPERDU Marta Maria Marangoni and Fabio Wolf
authors and performers of the original score of the show

 NEXT prize award winner 2016 – 2017, Municipality of Milan

Production: Teatro Franco Parenti di Milano

The show was developed as an undisciplined and visionary pastiche, a tragicomic cabaret like our existence. On stage 26 mini-pièce compose an original script with chansons philosophique of Brechtian flavour, brief dance sequences and video-pantomimes. Four actors interpret numerous protagonist roles, supported by original music scores played live by the Milanese duo Duperdù. During the preliminary study for the show I met Jodorowsky in Paris to discuss the text and something he said as he was quoting his manifesto for a teatro panico struck me; “The Romans said “I” pointing to their bellies. They considered the brain a mere freezer of ideas already generated sizzling at the height of the naval.” Theatre finds expression in the subconscious. You have to allow it to flow on stage as freely as dreams unravel.

It’s a text I jealously treasured in a chest like a dream for many years, since my meeting with Antonio Bertoli, friend and translator of Jodorowsky who gave me a mimeographed copy of the text saying “once you’ve read it you won’t be able to do without”. He was right. 16 years from that meeting I’ll finally stage it.

Fabio Cherstich